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Other than Messiah ben David, who is Jesus and the two witnesses Elijah and Enoch, the next most prominent individual in the time known as the Great Tribulation is seldom spoken of by prophetic teachers of our day. No, it is not the Antichrist (the Beast) nor the false prophet. It is someone who the ancients knew of and the Rabbis wrote a great deal about, but he has been hidden from Christians. The biblical prophecies referring to him have been ignored perhaps even intentionally.
Messiah ben Joseph also known as Messiah ben Ephraim first comes on the scene with a roar from the second burning bush (the Stone of Destiny) in Scotland and nothing in the Great Tribulation period is ever business as usual again. He gathers all the Hebrew tribes together from the four corners of the Earth and leads them in the Great Second Exodus back to the Holy Land. There the Lord through Messiah ben Joseph destroys "gog's" army of World War 3 and at the same time, purifies and sanctifies the Temple Mount, starting the building of the prophesied Third Temple (Ezekiel's Temple). He reestablishes the Throne of David in Jerusalem and is the last Divinely authorized King to ever sit upon it until Messiah benDavid (who is Jesus) returns to His throne promised to him in prophecy from the Ancient of Days.
Follow all of these prophetic events and many more which we have not discussed, will these events lead to the end of the World, find out in the eight book series, "The Voice of the Prophets" by Dan Bertran Griffey, in the Book section.

With out knowing Biblicial Prophecy one might think, End of the world 2012 ???




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"There is hope for a tree; if it is cut down it will renew itself; Its shoots will not cease. If its roots are old in the earth, and its stump dies in the ground, at the scent of water it will bud and produce branches like a sapling." Job 14:7-9







"Set your heart towards the prepared way: The way in which you went. Turn back o virgin of Israel, return unto these cities of yours."

Jeremiah 31:21

"Turn back, O rebel Israel declares the Lord" Jeremiah 3:12



White Champion
Prince of Princes
Prince of the Congregation
Prince of the Covenant
Messiah ben Joseph

One like unto Moses
Anointed Leader
Messiah the Prince
The Lord's Servant
The Breath of our Nostrils
That Prophet
The Unique Prophet
An Ensign
Messiah ben Ephraim

The Firstborn of the Poor

David their king



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Tom Tidball (a professional photographer in Sri Lanka) who, while reading the second book (The Second Moses) took this shot which he titled "Princess From The East Awaits" depicting Tea Tephi standing on the shore of Brittan looking to the west awaiting her son's arrival in the British Isles (my words not his).

"We already know that if our repentance is incomplete, we will remain [unredeemed] until the end comes. If it comes and we do not repent, salvation may come with us still sinners. With so much time having passed, G-d will return us to the Land without repentance. Only there is a prophetic tradition that we will be beset by troubles and distress through which we will choose to repent and will merit redemption. They also said that the catalyst for this will be a man from the seed of Yosef.”

Rabbi Sa’adiah Gaon " Emunot VeDeot" (Article 8, Chapter 5) Written 1000 years ago

"World War 3 in Prophecy"

This book starts the destiny of The Second Moses (Messiah ben Joseph / Messiah ben Ephraim)

Book #1 in the "Voice of the Prophets Series" 15 years in the making


"The Second Moses"

Book #2 in the "Voice of the Prophets" Series

This book is about Messiah ben Joseph / Messiah ben Ephraim in prophecy



* NATIVE AMERICAN PROPHECY - American Indians are a diverse ethnic group. Their languages, customs, social systems varied greatly. One common characteristic found in many Indian nations was an affinity to the spiritual side of life. Out of this came man prophecies. More infomation!



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The Legend of Messiah ben Joseph

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