A URL Shortener: So Why Do I Want One?

Within the coming days I’ll be writing numerous articles on URL Shorteners. I’ve been using Shortened URL’s for a while also it wasn’t until people began asking me about this I realized that they’re simply understood by individuals involved in On-line Business. Which means this number of articles aims to provde something for that beginner and, hopefully, something for that slightly older Online Professional.

Within this first article I’ll cover Exactly what is a URL Shortener and just what are the pros and cons of utilizing one. I’ll offer an ‘Initial’ listing of URL Shortening Providers (you will find over 200 offered to!) which, with time, I’ll provide more information on… check back if you would like additional information… or tell me if you prefer a particular provider reviewed a little faster.

Later on articles I’ll cover, additionally towards the provider reviews, a glance at Free versus Compensated for services how you can check and validate a shortened link after which onto some tracking information.

Exactly What Is A URL Shortener?

A url shortner is only a technique on the web to take a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and which makes it substantially shorter long although still directing towards the needed Web page.

This is done while on an HTTP Redirect on your own domain name that’s short, which links to the web page which has a lengthy URL.

Do you know the Benefits of Utilizing a URL Shortener?

Social Networking

Using the creation of Social networking sites like Twitter and Identi.ca that just allow a comparatively few figures inside a message, using lengthy URL’s resulted in there is little if any space for that actual message. Shortening the URL enables longer messages to become incorporated plus the URL.


Shortening the URL enables the originating website to become disguised. It has some disadvantages that we covers later but, from the positive perspective, it will allow a previous address to make ‘more presentable’ i.e. by removing all individuals apparently random figures also to hide the originating website name that, for reasons uknown, people might not decide to click.


Lengthy URL’s are sometime hard to read and if you want to write one lower then your chances or recording the URL incorrectly are high.


Different color leaves as readability the shortened URL is much more memorable. Oftentimes you’ll be able to format the URL having a description of your selecting. Making URL’s memorable has apparent advantages from the marketing perspective. It’s much simpler to keep in mind bbc.co.united kingdom/ instead of brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/subject_motivational5.html?vm=l

Accumulate Statistics

For Internet or Online Marketers URL Shorteners give a mechanism to trace when, where and the number of occasions a URL is clicked upon. Knowing these statistics is important to the prosperity of anybody focusing on-line as you need to know your target audience so when they could be on the internet and what kinds of product they will probably purchase. I is to tracking and statistics inside a future publish.

A great URL shortening service will pass on information towards the target page by utilizing something known as a 301 redirect. I will not enter in the technical details within this publish but this helps your page to position with sites for example Google.

Free Service

Most of the URL services are totally free. For many uses e.g. Social Networking, a totally free services are absolutely fine. I’ll discuss inside a future publish the pros and cons of free versus compensated for URL Shorteners.

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